SigmaLabs is an organization, and like every organization there are several people doing different tasks at any given moment (for example: Eran is explaining what Yoda is all about to guests, while Mika is holding a weekly meeting with the startups, shortly thereafter Gili was out talking to sponsors).

This situation is not an uncommon one. When any company, startup or accelerator wants to move fast, it multitasks.

The first month at SigmaLabs included dozens of phone calls, Dropbox links, Google sheets, Whatsapp messages and e-mails between the three of us. These are only the tools we used to collaborate between ourselves! On a personal note we used anything from sending e-mails to ourselves, todoist, Any.Do, Post-its and notebooks. MESSY!!


After a while, Avi Eyal, the managing director @ Entrée Capital and founder of SigmaLabs asked me “Why don’t you just use daPulse?”

So we did. The awesome Idan Hershko (VP customer success) from daPulse gladly came to the labs to spend 2 hours with us explaining exactly how to set up our system. (To be honest it was so simple that in the 3 days it took us from opening the account for Idan to come over, we already pretty much knew how to use the software and set up it up.)

In less than 3 weeks, the way we work has completely changed. We have no need for calls, WhatsApp, e-mails or even Dropbox (yes of course you can share files!)

Even our weekly meetings went from being a 3-4 hour painful process where we didn’t stop talking for a minute, to an easy going 45 min’ catching up to makes sure our t’s are crossed and our I’s are dotted.

Our live daPulse management system:

To sum it all up, if you are more than one person working on a project together and you find yourselves:

  1. Communicating via 3 / 4 different platforms
  2. Not executing on tasks properly
  3. Investing considerable time in collecting info just to know what’s going on
  4. Wasting time going back to find whatever it is you were talking about


Then daPulse is the software for you.


Written by Eran Bielski, Startups growth officer & selection panel @ SigmaLabs