How SigmaLabs Works

Founded in 2015 SigmaLabs is a nonprofit accelerator with one goal leading us. Helping startups grow, fast!

What is the SigmaLabs accelerator all about?


SigmaLabs is a For Founders, By Founders accelerator program, which runs three times a year, each wave is 3-month long. Per wave, we choose 4-6 early-stage startups that will be accelerated towards initial success.

Our ‘Deep Mentoring’ model is a major part of our secret sauce. We partner with successful entrepreneurs who were or are CEOs & founders of startup companies, in Israel and abroad, that either sold their company or IPO’d. These founders work exclusively with each team during the program to lead them to fast success. Added to a personal Guru the accelerator’s CTO, CMO, CPO & CGO in residence are available to our teams using their various expertise. SigmaLabs methodology is based on a deep, personal, continuous and proven experience mentorship where we focus on core knowledge that early-stage startups need to obtain.

The Result: product and market fit, early success and a greater probability of closing a financing round.

What do we look for?

  • Early stage startups
  • Full-Timers
  • Teams, not individual entrepreneurs
  • Committed and hard workers
  • Talented entrepreneurs
  • Innovative technologies in all verticals

What do we give?

  • 3-month and beyond of high end, personal, and deep ongoing mentorship
  • CTO, CPO, CMO & CGO in residence
  • Office hours with various experts
  • A close relationship with Entrée Capital, AWS, Leumi-Card, Super-Pharm, Google, and others
  • Offices in TLV for 4 months, 3-month part of the program plus one additional month at the end of the program


What do we ask for? Your commitment and hard work

What is in it for us? We believe in giving back and so does our entire network, we have one goal and it’s to move the odds in your favor!

“SigmaLabs accelerated our startup in many ways, helping us make faster decisions and choosing on the right areas to focus on towards the growth of our business. SigmaLabs mentoring program was so sharp and unique that it is part of our strategic framework that we keep using until today. Some of our key milestones were never have been achieved if it wasn’t for SigmaLabs.”

Yoav Rimon

CEO, ChatLeap (SL-W4)

Benefits for the SigmaLabs community

During the time spent with us, you will be granted every tool at our disposal to help you accelerate your business, this includes but is not limited to:


  • A professional team of engaged mentors
  • Legal & Financial consultation
  • An additional month of free office space at the end of the program
  • Access to top-tier Seed funds in Israel, Europe, and the US
  • Lectures and workshops from the best of the best to help you with building your product
  • A close relationship with Entrée Capital, AWS, Leumi Card & Super-Pharm

Some of the benefits our partners provide

  • IDC Herzliya, MASA, Shenkar, and others who provide Interns from various of programs, with different specialties to the SigmaLabs startups
  • AWS (Amazon Web Service) – Up to $15,000 of cloud credits including premium support and training
  • – 50% off 1-year licenses for the fastest project management tool
  • WeWork – Discounted fee on office space in all WeWork locations in Israel post-graduation from SigmaLabs
  • HubSpot – 90% scholarship on all paid HubSpot software for 12 months