Good morning world, this is our very first blog post!

Raison d’être

Here at SigmaLabs, we will try to keep the entire startup eco-system as involved as possible with the latest and greatest from our accelerator through this blog, we will explore the different companies which will be participating in our accelerator and their technologies, share the words of wisdom from our top tier investors, mentors and lecturers as well as just send you some pictures of us drinking and having fun in the sun.

The acceptance process

Our process is simple: fill out the online application, have a nice phone call with us and come down for a 1 on 1 session with our respected judges, grab a seat at your desk.

What startups are we looking for?

We are looking for early stage company’s which are creating a product in either the field of Big Data, Native advertising or Fintech, which have not raised seed money yet.

Startups must be at least 2 team members and one of these team members has to have technical capabilities.

That’s it 😀

Benefit of the day

Every now and again we will review one of the benefits which participants in the accelerator receive, today’s benefit of the day is Coders Clan

CodersClan is a community-driven marketplace for getting code tasks done. CodersClan provides its customers with the easiest way for getting code done, minimizing any outsourcing overhead that exists today.

Their platform matches every task with the right coders and saves the customer from the tedious and error-prone process of hiring and managing individual freelancers.

CodersClan’s community is thousands of developers strong, consists of top Stack Overflow and GitHub coders and growing organically.