Game Economy is probably one of the most critical factors for a successful game company and while this is the case, most companies struggle in developing, maintaining and monitoring their economy. One of the most significant challenges in creating a good game economy strategy is to understand and predict users behavior and build a game profile for each player.

The game market is exploding and is expected to reach more than $140B in 2020. There is an exciting trend in the core and mid-core games towards microtransactions activity, which are all based on the game economy. Free-to-play games, as well as any other in-app purchases, games based, were and are in need of a better, smarter & faster game economy especially with recent trends.

Simpool is efficiently managing, simulating, predicting and monitoring game economy metrics, in real time. Using Simpool, game developers save time and money, reduce the uncertainty of product changes and protect the game from high-risk economy incidents by simulating millions of users and thousands of game patterns.

Leading Simpool are Guy Bar-Sade, CEO, a former Data director in Playtika & Nadav Amami, CTO, who has vast experience in developing and leading development teams. Together they bring experience in games, analysis and smart scalable architecture which is the foundation of their product. They both believe in Steve Job’s famous quote, “Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.”

When Simpool is looking at their journey at SigmaLabs, they describe it as a speedy one, as they are already generating significant revenues. “With SigmaLabs mentors advice, we could fill out the missing pieces, like sharpening our story and our product market fit and received the wanted output. We believe in SigmaLabs methodology and feel that learning from top entrepreneurs and CEO’s gave us priceless tools and brought us to where we are today. We can definitely say that joining SigmaLabs was a smart decision for us” says Guy, Simpool’s CEO.