There are more than $30 Trillion in sales made on client credit every year around the world. Client credit has been a payment transaction method for decades which allows businesses to pay for a given service on a later due date. Today, businesses devote an enormous effort – which is mostly manual, time-consuming and error-prone to assure timely payments, and still, only 51% paid on time! It is known that businesses that adequately manage their receivables get better cash flow, productivity, working capital, and higher profits. Gaviti is here to help you do precisely that – adequately manage your receivable collection.

Gaviti is a receivable collection management solution designed to empower the collection task owners in enterprises. They help companies to get paid faster and control their outstanding receivables. Their solution allows companies to visualize their receivables, automate the debtor engagement task and optimize the process altogether. “Our technology is easy to implement and to be used by all users everywhere,” says Yan Lazarev Gaviti’s CEO.  “Our customers see value from day one, they manage to reduce their receivables at risk counts by over 30% in the first month and increase collectors productivity X5.”

Leading Gaviti is Alex Komarovsky (CTO), a software developer specializing in leading enterprise solutions development and ML/AI systems at Cornerstone OnDemand, AdsVantage. Yan Lazarev (CEO), experienced billings and collections manager leading international finance departments at Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD), Solar By Yourself (SBY) who collected $1.2B throughout his career.

“Gaviti’s vision is to create a world with 0 past due amount”, says Yan. “We strive to drive down late-payments for businesses which have to sell on credit and diminish their fail rates due to poor cash flow, which is one of the top reasons for businesses failure.”

“In the last three months at SigmaLabs, we got an enormous amount of help sharpening our message, pricing model, sales strategy and got intros to potential clients – which has helped us to increase our business volume X16. We feel that the deep mentoring model and one-on-one sessions are invaluable to 1st-time founders. You get to learn from the best!” says Yan Lazarev, Gaviti’s CEO.