For Founders. By Founders.

We offer for our startups a high end, personal, and deep ongoing mentorship with top gurus & mentors, optional funding plans, office hours with various experts, a close relationship with Entrée Capital and Yahoo!, office space, and infrastructure. For the acceleration period, startups are required to relocate to the accelerator space.

What is the SigmaLabs deep mentoring concept? Successful entrepreneurs, CEOs & founders of startup companies that either sold their company or IPO’d, work exclusively with each team to lead them to success, fast. We have the accelerator’s CTO, CMO, Product Manager, Legal & Finance all in residence. The Result: product and market fit, early success and a greater probability of closing a financing round.

During the time spent with us you will be granted every tool at our disposal to help you accelerate your business, this includes but is not limited to:


The only thing we demand of you is your time and effort, we expect the startups which will be accepted to come with a lot of energy, ready to push non-stop for 3 months.

Partners Providing benefits include: