2nd episode in our one-on-one series, now with FlyMoney CEO, Tal Ekroni, on having a vision that has a global effect on world travelers and becoming a successful revenue-generating company.     We know there’s a story behind FlyMoney, do […]

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Growee, grow what you love from your smartphone (SL W6)

Growee provides ingenious technology to easily and cost-effectively grow any kind plant from your smartphone. Growee’s product utilizes NASA’s development, the hydroponic method, which grows plants based only on water rather than soil. Hydroponics, the most advanced growing method today, […]


Tiidan import from China with confidence (SL W6)

Tiidan, an Israeli-based startup, confronts the problem of uncertainty surrounding international trade transactions with a unique and efficient solution. The company offers a platform to execute informed trades and to minimize risk for importers trading with Chinese suppliers. The software […]


ForceNock the first autonomous web security solution (SL W6)

  ForceNock is an Israeli based cybersecurity startup focused on simplifying the complexity of web application firewall, bot mitigation, and API protection solution. ForceNock utilizes unique context driven inspection & behavioral modules. Their solution is continuously adapted to the organization’s […]

Raising your Seed round 101

In this post, Eran Bielski, Venture Capitalist, and SigmaLabs accelerator founder will review the pillars of fundraising, who to approach and how, what should I prepare and what the heck are VCs anyway. Let’s dive right in.   Who To Approach? […]

One-on-One with CastPlus our wave #1 alumni

We are extremely excited to share with you our one-on-one with CastPlus CEO, Uriel Zecharia, on building a successful startup in the field of podcasts, being part of an accelerator and leading a strong team. What does CastPlus do? CastPlus […]

How important is a Demo Day really?

On September 4th, we at SigmaLabs will be hosting our fifth Demo Day, showcasing our outgoing Wave 5 early-stage companies: Born And Raised, DesignMatcher, Dokka, Dramaton, Eureka, and Real Drift.  Demo Day provides an excellent opportunity for our graduating startups […]


Meet Our Gurus

One of the main pillars in our offering for startups is our Guru Model. We offer our startups a high-end, personal deep, ongoing mentorship with top mentors. What is the SigmaLabs deep mentoring concept? Successful entrepreneurs, CEOs & founders of […]