Should I Apply To An Accelerator?

“Should I apply to an accelerator?” talk about an important question which is seldom asked by entrepreneurs before applying. Not an entrepreneur which is considering whether he should apply to an accelerator program or not? –> TL;DR.[1]     Why apply […]


Painting Wave #4

Forming a wave is a bit like working on a painting, you have the basics: canvas, colors, brushes etc. but from that point everything can happen. We are super excited to announce that the application process for Wave #4 is under […]

Producing a quality one pager

We would like to introduce you to cool tool developed by a team of two entrepreneurs, as is evident from their product they combine their know how from digital marketing as well as VC experience. Always wanted to create a one […]

Inside the SigmaLabs application

Intro Investors and Startups sometimes overlook one of the most valuable things an Accelerator can provide them. The Holy Grail for every startup which is accepted into the program is, in my opinion, being accepted. Many startups apply to various […]